Hire me!

Open to New Opportunities!

I'm open to studios that value deep systems; where retention is king, and player time is respected; where metrics are product indicators, not end goals; and which solicit everyone's ideas, not just the product team's.

If your studio also values these qualities, I'd like to hear from you!

WWE Undefeated

Senior ➟ Lead Designer, nWay (2020-Present)

I helped define WWE Undefeated's core systems and economy design from pre-production through release. I took over as Lead Designer a couple months after launch and manage a team of 5 designers. As our studio's Lead Designer, I'm also responsible for R&D of new systems, economies, and NFT tokenomics for nWay's slate of upcoming blockchain projects.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Game Designer, Jam City (2018-20)

I joined towards the end of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's soft launch and was initially responsible for core systems and economy design. My responsibilities grew over time to managing a junior designer, contributing to product roadmap planning, and owning economy balance and live ops design.

Frozen Frenzy

Associate Game Designer, Storm8 (2016-18)

I was primarily responsible for puzzle content design for a number of titles in Storm8's portfolio. As my design skills grew, I took on event economy design and some small features. I also developed Unity and spreadsheet tools to improve the team's efficiency.

Wors of Wonder

Junior Game Designer, RockYou (2015)

My core responsibility was designing puzzle content for Words of Wonder. I picked up SQL and used it to analyze game systems and tune levels. I also assisted our product team with HiveQL/BigQuery data warehousing.

Westbound: Pioneer Trail

Junior Game Designer, Kiwi (2014-15)

I was initially hired to design quest content. As the game grew, I took on managing, scheduling, and editing a team of external quest writers. I was also involved in pre-production and production on sequels Westbound: Gold Rush and Explorers: Skull Island.